Do you use English at work? Are you going to travel the world? Do your studies require reading, employing or using texts in different languages? Do you want to practice a language you’re already familiar with? Do you need help with English classes at school?>

Our classes are prepared to help you in every situation.
Communicating in a foreign language is a great challenge. That’s why our native English and other language teachers dedicate their classes to you achieving it.
Through the use of authentic materials, they create an ideal environment for developing your use of the language in many different kinds of situations.
English, Portuguese, French, German and Italian classes allow us to integrate ourselves with this globalised world.

We Offer:

   • Classes according to the interests and needs of each student.
   • Native teachers trained to teach second languages.


   • conversation
   • for travellers
   • for business
   • support classes for primary, secondary and university levels
   • for specific objectives